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Dr. Ryan Valencic, DC

Dr. Ryan Valencic, DC, finished his doctorate and immediately began working on a diplomate in clinical nutrition. He then completed numerous courses in mastering blood chemistry, mastering the thyroid and more. He was one of the first doctors in the country to be certified in the Bredesen Protocol for overcoming cognitive decline and has extensively studied the work of renowned clinicians such as Mark Hyman, MD, Dale Bredesen, MD, Isabella Wentz, Pharm. D and many others that are part if the Institute for Functional Medicine, which he is a member of.

He, and his wife Ashley, are raising their 4 children; Addison, Mason, Reagan and Sloan.

Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC

Many of his peers call Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC, a Functional Medicine Jedi. As an International Speaker and three time published author he is sought after as an professional in the fields of overcoming cognitive decline (Bredesen protocol/ ReCoDe), recover from low thyroid disorders and more recently the Shoemaker Protocol for mold and biotoxin Illness. Dr Valdes travels around the country teaching other MD’s, DC’s, DO’s, ND’s and NP’s the skillset required to provide outstanding results to patients with chronic disorders through a Functional Medicine Model.

Dr Valdes has a history of fighting in Mixed Martial Arts before his healthcare career and now enjoys his two biggest sources of joy his wife and daughter.