You Didn’t Go To
School To Push Paper

Practicing functional medicine under a streamlined practice model allows you to better treat your patients – while giving you the freedom to take back your passion for medicine and your work-life balance.

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Of Time

Spent by doctors
on paperwork


Of doctors
experience burnout


Of physicians age 50+ plan to retire early or change professions

American spend more for medical care than citizens of most other developed countries. Outcomes are often worse, and patients feel as if they´re hostage to a broken system where doctors are overworked, a high level of medical mistakes are made, and the needs of insurance companies and their patients do not align.

It’s been reported that doctors spend more than 2 / 3 of their time on paperwork. So it’s no surprise that a recent report shows an across the board increase in burnout for medical practitioners. And for those who work in diabetes and endocrinology, the burnout rate rose to nearly half (47%) of practitioners.

A large number of America´s Physicians are considering leaving the profession, due to long hours, excessive paperwork, insufficient income, and reduced ability to provide quality care in today’s managed healthcare environment.
At Novis Health we believe this is unacceptable!

The Novis Health Practical Way

What if there was another way?

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What Novis Health can provide you?

What if we told you that you could spend hours per day treating patients and not sitting at your desk funneling paperwork? What if the frustration that comes with insurance and pharmaceutical requirements symply “went away?” What if you could make a difference, while making a living… and still maintain a positive work-life balance?


With a Novis Health franchise, we’ve created a business model that checks all the boxes with a new kind of practice that allows you to thrive professionally and personally!

Key points of the Novis Health system

Membership business model: Say goodbye to insurance headaches with a 100 % cash business, flexible enough to serve a broad client base.
Flexible practice modules: You can offer functional medicine exclusively, or add a physical therapy/rehab component to your practice.
Everything is automated: Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology practically runs itself: administrative work is done for you. Including a professional escribe service that takes notes as you and your patient interact!

Retail supplement sales: We provide our own private-label line of high grade professional supplements, complete with a user-friendly portal for your patients to order from directly – no more tug-of-war with big pharma! Our supplement program is an added revenue stream for your business.

The excellent living you work hard for: Your healthcare franchise, your income. Plus, a weekday, 9-5 schedule you can rely on.

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