Functional Medicine Growing During the Pandemic

Functional Medicine Growing During the Pandemic

Meet Novis Health™, The First Functional Medicine Franchise in the World.

Chronic disease has not always been as problematic as it currently is, both on a global scale, but more so on a national level. In the United States alone, more than 47% of adults now suffer from at least one chronic health condition—and that number isn’t decreasing. More than two-thirds of deaths in the United States, which equates to roughly seven in ten deaths, are caused by one or more of these diseases: heart disease, stroke, cancer, COPD, and diabetes.
The common denominator? Poor lifestyle choices and existing risk factors, coupled with an aging population, are mostly to blame. But the exciting thing is, they can all be reversed, or at least managed, through education and proper lifestyle practices. And what’s even more shocking than the prevalence of chronic disease in the US, more than 75% of the $2 trillion spent on both public and private healthcare went towards chronic disease.

Do you see the problem? The US is spending money on treating chronic disease, but nothing seems to be changing. And if things are not altered and addressed now, the presenting issues will only become magnified.
So, it’s time for a bit of truth, given the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

What a pandemic has revealed:

The reality is this Pandemic has forever changed almost every aspect of human life in the United States for two main reasons. First, it’s revealed the profound lack of preparation of our healthcare system to deal with an infectious pandemic. Second, it’s shed light on the possibility that if we were to have a healthier population from the get-go, would we see all of the fallout with this pandemic? Fatal diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Auto-Immune Disorders like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis have become so prevalent that people perceive them as “part of life”. Sadly, this is what our healthcare system has come to.

Something else that was revealed during the pandemic is that most people who have succumbed to the pandemic infection have, in fact, underlying pre-existing conditions or significant risk factors of chronic disease that have caused the outcomes of the infection to be much worse.
And hence the question becomes, what is more dangerous—an infection, or the burden of chronic disease?

The Irreversible Impact on Business

While national health and the healthcare system are a large part of the problem, it’s also important to address the reality that this pandemic has had a profound and likely irreversible effect on the way the country, especially small businesses, operate.

According to the US Department of Business Development, a whopping 58% of small business owners are worried about not being able to open their doors, or worse, having to close permanently. The private sector, especially the small business sector in our country, has been drastically and irreversibly affected. Brick and mortar locations, together with online businesses, have seen changes across the board, some seeing drastic increases in business, while others seeing a complete and total loss.

According to global finance company KPMG, COVID-19 has simply accelerated business in the socio-political direction it was already going. Productivity, market economics, and the purpose of many companies have had to be redefined on the fly.

An Unlikely Solution

But is there a solution to these problems? Not just for the current pandemic, but to prevent anything of this magnitude from happening in the future, we think so.
While there is no pandemic-proof business opportunity or investment, some sectors are better much positioned than others.

Novis Health is currently one of the most promising companies on the horizon to offer solutions to the issues now being faced, from a business perspective and a healthcare perspective. Novis Health™ is a franchised network of centers located across the country aimed at helping patients reverse chronic illness and improve the underlying risk factors for the development of chronic disease, and in doing so, improve quality of life. We utilize lifestyle-based medicine techniques that work with the patient’s genetic makeup from reversing conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol to improving autoimmunity and endocrine disorders.
So why is owning a franchise like Novis Health™ such a secure investment? Many people do not see the “behind the scenes” portion of what a pandemic does on the business front. The franchising industry is receiving hundreds of thousands of requests from potential investors and business owners to open a franchise.

The reason?

Franchising has, time and time again, shown to be highly resilient through economic downturns, recessions, and depressions. The solid systems, ease of access, and scalability of franchising make it a form of business that can stand the test of time. Nationally recognized franchise coach Rick Bisio writes in a Forbes article, “my position is that franchising itself is unaffected by a recession. That is because franchising is not an industry; it is a business methodology. What is affected by a recession is the industry in which the business operates.” While it seems counterintuitive in the business world that adversity breeds excellence, evidence shows that franchise sales marketplace often becomes stronger in an economic downturn.

In times like these where e-commerce has exploded, Novis Health™ Systems has the ability to operate both physically and virtually, allowing for uninterrupted business moving forward, regardless of circumstances. Investors and franchisees have discovered that it’s not only a robust return on investment through providing high quality and in-demand healthcare services but also having a profound impact in their communities.
With that being said, owning a franchise in healthcare that seeks to fix the underlying problem, before something more serious develops, is the key to uninterrupted success.

Novis Health™ is the future of the nation.