A Business Opportunity That will not only improve your life, it will also improve the health of our country

You deserve the future you desire with your own Functional Medicine Franchise.
Take a moment to remember the reason you seek a career in the field of healthcare. Chances are you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, utilize your skills to help others, all while making an excellent living with a schedule that works for yourself and your family. Now think of what your current day-to-day looks like. Are you living the life you imagine? If not, it isn’t too late to change that.

Be the provider you’ve always wanted to be. Learn more about the Novis Health difference.

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A Unique Approach

Discover a better way to practice

Let our team of experts explain the Novis Health difference and how the practice of functional medicine under a private-pay membership structure has improved the lives of our patients while giving us the rewarding care we’ve always wanted.
People today are suffering from chronic disease at historic levels, and patients’ needs get lost in the sea of inefficient healthcare and insurance systems. As a result millions are looking for better alternative to a lifelong drug therapy approach. To better help, providers deserve direct access to an effective practice model that helps them today’s healthcare needs. That’s where Novis Health comes in.
Our team will guide you through the setup and operation of your own Novis Health medical franchise, from the minute you make the decision to improve the way you practice.

One Step Ahead

What Novis Health

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Two Key Principles

We firmly believe that quality healthcare should be both highly effective and accessible.

The Novis Health brand was created to help address the many flaws of the current U.S. healthcare system and offer treatment for hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and Type II diabetes through functional medicine. We offer a 100 percent cash based, membership-focused business model that is changing the lives of both patients it serves, and every provider that implements this model into their career.

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