Low Thyroid Patients being failed Conventionally

Low Thyroid Patients being failed Conventionally

The thyroid is a gland that sits just under the skin in the front part of the neck.1 It is small (only about 2½ inches wide, 2 inches high, and ½ inch think), and shaped like a butterfly. Each “wing” of the butterfly sits on one side of the trachea (the windpipe), and the two wings are joined by a narrow piece of gland (the “isthmus”).

Functional Medicine Growing During the Pandemic

Functional Medicine Growing During the Pandemic

Chronic disease has not always been as problematic as it currently is, both on a global scale, but more so on a national level. In the United States alone, more than 47% of adults now suffer from at least one chronic health condition—and that number isn’t decreasing.

Novis Health – Constellation BT150

Dr. Ruben Valdes, co-founder and Chief Content & Marketing Officer at Novis Health was recognized by Constellation Research on its 2021 Business Transformation 150, an elite list of executives leading business transformation efforts around the globe.

Novis Health and MindBody Talent Strategic Partnership

Novis Health and MindBody Talent today announced a strategic partnership focused on recruiting and integrating qualified healthcare professionals into the innovative Novis Health model of franchising the development of Functional Medicine healthcare practices across the United States.

Is Your Thyroid Sick and Tired

Thyroid Doctor Charlotte Features of a sick thyroid, or Euthyroid Sick Syndrome, often overlap with those of hypothyroidism and include a lowered body temperature, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, slowed breathing, altered mental status, weight gain and other symptoms generally associated with hypothyroidism. The only way to distinguish a sick thyroid from a disease …

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MindBody Talent Fuels Wellness Revolution

ST. Louis, Missouri – MindBody Talent today announced five integrated service lines and a broad talent network created to fuel a long-overdue revolution in healthcare. The services are designed to provide comprehensive support to medical practitioners and practices that are committed to the fields of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine.