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You’ll get all of that plus the peace of mind in knowing that there’s no long term commitment. If our team isn’t exceeding your expectations, you can cancel at any time due to our month to month membership model. The only thing you have to lose is poor health!

The Novis Health Blueprint

Novis Health was founded on two key principles; that healthcare should be highly effective and accessible. Novis Health focuses on you; the mother, the father; the grandmother, the grandfather; the brother, the sister. Our patients are family and we treat you the way you should be treated, not the way insurance and pharmaceutical companies feel you should be treated.
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Come in as a patient, leave as family. Our team is driven to produce the results that you have struggled to achieve.

We have labs, imaging, testing and examination procedures at our disposal, that are unrivaled in the healthcare world today, and we use the data derived from those tools to determine exactly the care that will be right for you. We don’t “try” things, we confidently make our recommendations based on the latest medical literature available and some of the most advanced protocols that exist.

Our team of providers have personally worked with over 10,000 cases just like yours and are part of the Novis Health™ team solely to help those individuals that aren’t satisfied with the status quo of general medicine. They strongly believe that the solution isn’t what prescription medication you are missing but rather which lifestyle modifications need to be made to ensure a safe and positive outcome.

Our Founding Clinicians


Dr. Ryan Valencic, DC

Dr. Ryan Valencic, DC, finished his doctorate and immediately began working on a diplomate in clinical nutrition. He then completed numerous courses in mastering blood chemistry, mastering the thyroid and more. He was one of the first doctors in the country to be certified in the Bredesen Protocol for treating cognitive decline.

Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC

Many of his peers call Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC, a Functional Medicine Jedi. As an International Speaker and three time published author he is sought after as an expert in the fields of treatment of cognitive decline (Bredesen protocol/ ReCoDe), healing low thyroid disorders and more recently the Shoemaker Protocol for mold and biotoxin Illness.

Published Work from our Doctors

Nothing is more valuable than your health – and constant illness, fatigue, and expensive prescription regimens can drain you and your wallet fast.


From Diabetic to Non-Diabetic

Dr. Ruben Valdes go-to diabetes guide aims to educate readers about the real reasons their diabetes symptoms persist and provides steps towards achieving renewed health.

The Thyroid Hack

Dr. Ruben Valdes takes you on a journey towards understanding the real reasons thyroid symptoms persist and what you can do to regain your health.


You Deserve to be the Healthiest Version of Yourself – Learn How Functional Medicine Can Support Your Body’s Healing.

Our Next Event

Take Back Your Life from Hypothyroidism

You’ll learn about how illness develops and how your current prescribed treatment may be missing the mark.

Success Stories

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